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Recruitment and Staffing Solutions

Our company mission statement is “Do what you love, and love what you do” We believe that every person has their strengths and weaknesses, so why not make a career out of our strengths?

We at NESEM, decided to make it our company mission, to help our industry partners to have the right people doing the right jobs. With an ever growing database of incredible jobseekers, we aim to be the link in the industry, linking great people with great places.


Event Planner
Conference Organizer
Event Marketing
Event PR
Executive Administration

Hotel / Resort

Banqueting Manager
Conference Coordinator
Event Planner
Resort Rec. Manager
Activities Coordinator

Event Company

Events Planner
Conference Organizer
Festival Coordinator
Exhibition Coordinator
Casual: Setup, Service, Childcare


Special skills
Master of Ceremonies

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