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NESEM Global supports Anti Human Trafficking 

We at NESEM Global have decided to use our passion for people, to bring Freedom to those that need it.

Take a moment to visualize what inspires you to get through each day. It could be waking up to the smiling faces of your loved ones, it could be the planned vacation or even your weekend socializing with friends.  Some of us cannot imagine getting through a day without that delicious cappuccino, the drive to work and back could be your moments of solitude, jamming to your favorite tunes could be that one thing that lifts your spirits… whatever it is, its important to you.

Now take a moment to visualize not having any of it, imagine being taken away from your life while being kept alive to live a life that isn’t yours.

Did you know that every 30 seconds, someone in the world is trafficked? Shocked? Well did you know that it is estimated that there are between 21 and 46 Million people trapped in slavery today?

As many of you do know, Human Trafficking is a global epidemic, an industry built on the concept of modern day slavery. Sex trafficking is the most talked about, girls and boys from child to adult, are abducted from our doorsteps and some forced to “service an average of 40 clients a day” – in blunt terms, they are raped an average 40 times a day! This might seem to be the largest avenue of trafficking, however, there are many areas classified as and linked into trafficking which include forced labor and organ harvesting.

Children who are born owned will grow up working to pay off so called family debt, their ancestors debt which in most cases never existed, but the cycle of exploitation continues.

Then there’s the gruesome industry of organ harvesting… yes, people are abducted and held captive until somebody looses hope in the organ donor waiting list, and chooses to pay for the organ they need. Only 2% of South Africans are registered donors, and in a recent campaign over 30,000 of our community members registered to purchase and sell organs.

This is the reality which millions of people are facing on a daily basis, and this is the Cause which has inspired us to promote Freedom.

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